The new generation of task managers

The WPS AntiFreeze automatically studies at a basis of parameters of your tasks
Purpose of Multitasking
Your computer never executes only one program, in a background tens of programs which consume the free resources permanently work and are executed at the same time.

Suspension or closing of background processes restricts
functionality of your computer.

Thanks to intellectual optimization, it is possible to increase productivity of any system, distributing resources exactly as it is necessary for the computer at present.

Our application doesn't need to be set up as it independently studies and remembers how to work with any task on your computer.
We are use the built-in Windows mechanisms for effective management of time which OS spends on processing of different programs on your PC. It provides the maximum reliability and compatibility.
Our system is oriented on optimization of programs runtime with all key components of your computer.
The processor, RAM and hard drive now will carry out now those tasks which you to them set.
Our system doesn't demand for additional settings from the user and automatically adapts for the existing resources and tasks. But if you want to tune control application - we will provide you a simple and flexible decision.
The system works better and quicker with priority assignment of processes and priorities of input-output.
The neuronet in WPS studies on the basis of actions of the user and distributes priorities in the best way.
The game mode allows to distribute automatically tasks of CPU cores, for the best work of each separate game.
Depending on the application, the most optimal variants of separation of cores will be involved.
How to start use our application
Go on download page by button below and download application installer.
Open the downloaded file and follow the instruction on the screen for setup finishing.
After setup, application will start automatically.
Main functions and minimum requirements
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Automatic purpose of priorities and available cores for applications.
One, two or more processing cores, support of i386 and AMD64 achitecture.

Operating System
Automatic optimization of system and third-party services.

Random Access Memory (RAM)
Automatic cleaning and optimization of random access memory.
All types of random access memory are supported.

Disc Drive
Automatic assignment of input-output priorities.
All types HDD, SSD, eMMC are supported.

Video and Audio
Automatic detection and optimization of multimedia applications.
The audio or video card is optional.
Our application is written with observance of all important parameters of safety.
For this reason we uses only the main Windows API`s. That allows easy setup and delete the application
without having affected functionality and stability of the system.
Statements and Reviews
«...The most noticeable aspect is that games run faster with the aforementioned tool operating in the background. Thanks to the built-in Game Mode, the running tasks are automatically distributed the most optimal way possible and you can enjoy playing your favorite games without lags or interrupting the background processes and services..»

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