End User License Agreement (EULA)
Establishing this product or somehow differently using it, you accept following provisions of the license agreement.

1. All right reserved for "VINPERST LLC".
2. The application is delivered by the principle "AS IS". No warranties are applied and aren't provided. You use this software at own risk. The author of the application won't response for any losses or distortions of data, violations of operability of other programs and system, and also for any missed advantage in the course of use or misuse of this software product.
3. You can't use, copy, emulate, create new versions, let or rent, sell, change, decompile, disassemble, study a program code other methods and to use the program and its components differently, than is defined by the present license agreement. Any such illegal use means automatic and immediate cancellation of the present agreement and can be pursued under the law.
4. All rights which aren't provided here it is explicit, remain for the author.
5. Installation and use of the program means that you understand provisions of the present license agreement and agree with them.
6. If for some reason or other you don't agree with this license agreement, you need to delete files of a distribution kit of this program from your data storage devices and stop use of the program.